Windows 10 Migration

How is your migration to Windows 10 progressing? Delivering business-critical applications to your end-users via any desktop or OS can be a challenge. The reality is that not every single endpoint or OS will support all of the apps that your users need and want to successfully do their jobs.

One solution to assist with this challenge in your Windows 10 migration it to leverage Citrix Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). With Citrix VDI, you’ll be able to securely and efficiently deliver your virtual desktops and applications to your end-users, regardless of what type of endpoint they are using – desktop, thin client, tablet or smartphone, all while promoting optimal performance.

If you are looking for assistance in deploying Citrix VDI and Windows 10 within your organization, look no further than the Entisys360 End-User Computing Practice.

With decades of experience in the implementation of Citrix desktop, application and virtualization infrastructure solutions, we know exactly what it takes to successfully migrate to Windows 10. We’ll help your organization deliver the right applications to the right people – at the right time. And, regardless of where you are on your Windows 10 migration journey, our experts can help ensure its successful deployment.

Deployment Options

There are different ways that today’s IT enterprises can deploy Windows 10. They include direct deployment on physical desktops, or as part of existing virtual application and desktop deployments.

Regardless of which method your organization prefers, Entisys360 has the expertise to help you make the most of your Windows 10 deployment. The fact is, not all applications used by your organization are compatible with Windows 10. As such, you’ll need to identify, if you haven’t already, those apps – including older versions of web browsers – that won’t work with Windows 10.

Physical Desktop Deployment

At Entisys360, we believe that while you are rolling out the deployment of Windows 10 on your physical desktops, this is a great time to leverage Citrix solutions as part of your migration planning (Citrix AppDNA), your testing (Citrix XenDesktop for testing applications in Windows 10) and as a back-up plan for your applications that aren’t compatible with Windows 10 (Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp).

Virtual Desktop Deployment

If your organization is already leveraging Citrix solutions for application hosting or delivering Windows 7 VDI, then you have seen some of the benefits of Citrix such as security, as well as speed of deploying new applications and supporting older legacy applications. However, as Windows has evolved so have the requirements to deliver the best user experience possible.

Citrix has been leading the market by allowing organizations to leverage hyperconverged infrastructure and graphics virtualization solutions, including Cisco HyperFlex and NVIDIA GRID technology. When combined with Citrix and Windows 10, these solutions can support an optimal and secure end-user experience for office workers using Microsoft Office, HTML web sites and other graphics enabled applications to CAD workers using AutoDesk or other 3D rendering applications, by providing them with access to rich graphics within their VDI sessions. The advances in Cisco HyperFlex for hyperconverged systems and NVIDIA GRID for graphics accelerated desktops/applications allow Citrix to deliver more user cases and scale more efficiently while delivering the best user experience possible.

Entisys360 is committed to helping our clients accelerate their Citrix VDI and Windows 10 deployments while maintaining the maximum value of their virtualization and cloud investments. If you’re interested in attending the “Meet the Experts” panel lunch on May 8th, please fill out our pre-qualification form. Organizations looking to achieve these objectives can contact us today at to be connected to our top experts.