Storage Solutions from Entisys360

Demand for storage capacity continues to increase at a rapid pace—as much as 60 percent annually, by some accounts. With storage virtualization, you can aggregate your physical storage resources into storage pools, from which virtual storage can be drawn. To help you control your unwieldy storage growth requirements, better use your assets, and leverage your centralized data protection systems, Entisys360 offers storage management solutions that provide a robust set of capabilities, while empowering organizations to improve their IT environments through gains in operational efficiencies, automation and monitoring.

Spotlight on Storage Virtualization

With storage virtualization, Entisys360 helps organizations aggregate their physical storage resources into storage pools, from which virtual storage can be drawn. Storage virtualization solutions from Entisys360 include:

  • Thin Provisioning: This optimizes the efficiency with which the available space is utilized in storage area networks (SANs), by allocating disk storage space in a flexible manner among multiple users, based on the minimum space required by each user at any given time.
  • Automated Storage Tiering: This is the process of automating the movement of data across different types storage devices to improve performance and capacity requirements.
  • Data De-duplication: We leverage specialized data compression techniques to eliminate duplicate copies of repeating data, to improve storage utilization.
  • File Virtualization: By creating an abstraction layer between file servers and the clients that access those file servers, we can improve file management, and make it possible to access isolated storage capacity on network file servers and perform seamless file migrations between servers.
  • Continuous Data Protection: By backing up data and automatically saving a copy of every change made to that data, the administrator can restore data at any point in time.