Data Center Solutions from Entisys360

Traditionally, running a data center meant having many standalone servers that performed dedicated functions for individual applications. A virtualized data center helps consolidate resources, simplify management and reduce hardware acquisition costs—all while providing a better architecture for availability, security and performance.

Spotlight on Data Center Virtualization

Choosing the right data center virtualization strategy requires careful consideration—and expert guidance from a trusted source. At Entisys360, we have more than two decades of experience on our side, and we understand all aspects of data center and storage virtualization—from blending complex technologies into a flexible, cost-effective solution that lays a firm foundation for the future to ensuring complete customer satisfaction, each and every time. Entisys360 will conduct a thorough assessment of your data center virtualization needs, and our experts will work with your team to examine all of your business processes and supporting applications. This will enable us to determine the exact delivery method that’s right for your enterprise, whether your employees are task workers, knowledge workers, mobile workers—or a combination of all three. We will also rate processes and applications based on criticality of business impact—ultimately providing detailed business continuity and disaster recovery plans for your key teams and departments. And, we will take every aspect of cost savings into consideration. For more information on our Data Center Virtualization Services, contact us.

Spotlight on Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Downtime is more than an inconvenience: it can literally bring business to a halt. Interruptions caused by hardware and software failures, personal illness, natural disasters—even planned maintenance—can overwhelm your IT department, damage your corporate reputation and cause serious damage through the loss of critical information and revenue. Every disaster recovery and business continuity plan begins with a reliable means of protecting business data. Adding virtualization to your plan can dramatically increase flexibility, reduce complexity and lower your long-term costs, and with data center virtualization solutions from Entisys360, your organization can:

  • Create a more efficiently managed server infrastructure
  • Reduce the impact of disruptive events
  • Simplify disaster and recovery planning
  • Provide more complete high availability
  • Enable more cost-effective disaster recovery
  • Create autonomy within a redundant infrastructure
  • Decrease the costs associated with backing up servers
  • Reduce the data center footprint by eliminating idle servers formerly dedicated to backup and recovery
  • Improve and simplify your recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs)