Network Services

Today’s enterprises rely heaving on connectivity and communications tools and applications to move their businesses forward, and it is important that IT organizations constantly monitor the health and performance of their networks. Entisys360’s Professional Services team is here to help, and offers the following Network Services:

  • Routing and Switching: Entisy360, leveraging industry-leading solutions from HP and Cisco, will design and implement connectivity solutions including data center switching, campus switching, unified network access, WAN routing and integrated branch solutions.
  • Infrastructure Security: Leveraging firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems (IDS/IPS), Network Access Controls (NAC), policy & identity-based access, micro-segmentation, and malware prevention solutions from Cisco and Palo Alto Networks, Entisys360 will help you deliver secure access to your infrastructure and applications through your network.
  • Wireless Networking: Industry-leading solutions from Cisco, HP/Aruba, Meraki and Ruckus enable Entisys360 to provide you with robust wireless connectivity for your organization from your computers and your mobile devices.
  • WAN Acceleration/Optimization: Entisys360 assesses the needs and requirements of your organization to design and implement Citrix CloudBridge-based solutions that reduce the cost of WAN circuits and distribute traffic based on priority or circuit costs.
  • WAN Virtualization: Leveraging Citrix CloudBridge-based solutions, Entisys360 can enable multiple WAN circuits at the branch office to act as on circuit to lower costs and increase reliability.
  • Load Balancing: Entisy360 provides high availaiblity for web applications (and other TCP services) within a single data center or between multiple data centers leveraging industry-leading solutions from Citrix.
  • Policy-Based (Secure) Access: Industry leaders Cisco and HP offer solutions and Entisys360 leverages to provide you with secured access to the network by authenticating and authorizing users and/or devices.
  • Network Management: Entisys360 provides you with a holistic and historical view of the network and your devices that are being monitored with industry-leading solutions from Cisco and HP.