Among the many benefits of the Entisys Methodology are its:

  • Openness – Based on nonproprietary, open industry standards that stay with your organization
  • Modularity – Architecture components facilitate rapid, successful implementation
  • Scalability – Increases performance, capacity and functionality as needs evolve
  • Adaptability– Integrates into existing environments and adjusts to changing requirements quickly
  • Uniformity – Simplifies infrastructure administration with intelligent and uniform control interfaces
  • Value
    • Improves availability and support for business-critical applications and large databases
    • Significantly reduces hardware, software, power and energy costs
    • Reduces infrastructure costs and complexity while improving performance and utilization
    • Dramatically simplifies infrastructure management and increases efficiency
    • Eliminates downtime for hardware maintenance
    • Consolidates available storage capacity across vendor, cabinet, interface, OS and connectivity boundaries
    • Enables you to spend less time on routine maintenance and more on meeting growing business needs
    • Increases security by enabling the management, measurement and observation of all dimensions of access—who, what, where and how long
    • Ensures business continuity, allowing users to work even after disaster strikes
    • Increases mobility by enabling users to work from anywhere

Most importantly, through the Entisys Methodology, our virtualization experts educate your team on how to run, scale and manage any virtual environment