HP Enterprise (HPe) Service Renewals through Entisys360

Are you looking for an easier way to facilitate your HP Enterprise (HPe) service renewals? If so, Entisys360 is here to help.

As a trusted advisor to some of the most prominent companies in California, we understand the challenges IT enterprises face when it comes to keeping track of service agreement end dates, managing coverage levels, and ensuring that payments are up to date.

Never Miss Another Renewal Date

When you rely on Entisys360 to guide you through the HPe service renewals process, you’ll never miss another renewal date. Our team will help you manage and co-term all of your HPe contracts so that they start and end on the same date. And, as an unbiased partner, we will look out for your best interests when evaluating a hardware refresh versus service renewals.

The Entisys360 HPe Service Renewals program includes, but is not limited to:

  • Co-terming and transitioning contracts, managing C-level escalations, negotiating special pricing with HPe;
  • Logging support “trust” calls, service level recommendations, ensuring quick turnaround time on revisions; and,
  • The ability to run and read internal HPe reports that capture the entire customer support environment.

Schedule a CEP Report and Review Session Today 

One of the tools we use at Entisys360 to help customers effectively budget for upcoming support costs is the CEP report and review session. Through this service, which is offered free of charge, our team will run a report against HPe’s service renewals database in order to identify your organization’s mission-critical contracts that may have lapsed without your knowledge.

By engaging with Entisys360 on your HPe support renewals, you can rest assured that you have placed your trust in an experienced partner who fully understands the entire service renewal process – from the manufacturer side all the way down to the customer level.

We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate the unmatched value we can provide to you on your expired or expiring renewals. Please click the link below to schedule a free HPe CEP report and review session.