Client Engagement with Entisys360

One of the benefits of leveraging Entisys360’s Enterprise Management Services is our ability to onboard our clients quickly and shorten time to market.

Each Enterprise Managed Services Engagement begins with an initial meeting to review the client’s goals and objectives. This is followed by a discovery phase in which Entisys360’s expert team identifies what is working and what is not working in the maintenance and support of the client’s IT environment. Next, Entisys360 designs a customized solution and presents that to the client. Upon acceptance of the design, Entisys360 will enter the onboarding phase followed by production go-live. 

Some of the qualifying questions that we use to determine if a client is a good fit for Enterprise Managed Services include:

  1. Does your organization require support for a 1000+ user virtual desktop deployment?
  2. Is your organization interested in enabling IT staff to focus on business driven high-value tasks by offloading the support and maintenance of your virtual desktop infrastructure?
  3. Does your organization have sufficient Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) employee capacity to provide both the ongoing support of your virtual desktop environment and new business-driven IT initiatives?
  4. Is your organization satisfied with its current virtual desktop support model?
  5. Is your organization interested in partnering with a US-based virtual desktop support team with a proven track record of supporting and managing large enterprise virtual desktop production environments?
  6. Does support for your organization’s virtual desktop environment require customized integration with existing enterprise tools within your infrastructure (ITSM, patch management, monitoring/alerting, etc.)?

Entisys360 has various forms of managed services support for multitude of corporate sizes and needs. Please inquire with your Entisys360 Sales Executive for more information, or contact us at