Contract Management

Cisco Smartnet contracts have continued to be a growing pain point for organizations of all types as they contain vital information that needs to be accessible when critical issues arise. Today, many organizations struggle to maintain accurate information of their inventory with multiple, manual spreadsheets in vulnerable locations, wasting countless hours of valuable time and effort. It’s time to say goodbye to these broken processes and fire drill situations that keep you up at night, and Entisys360 is ready to help. With Entisys360’s state-of-the-art Cisco Contract Management Concierge Services, you can rest easy in knowing you have partnered with industry experts who are dedicated to support and serve you!

Beyond the Portal: White Glove Services Help You Make the Most of Your Cisco Investments

Entisys360 is well-known throughout the industry for our white glove services, which we are proud to extend to our clients’ Cisco deployments.Through the Entisys360 Cisco Contract Management Concierge Services, you will gain access to a dedicated team of experts who will personalize and prioritize the services we provide to you, based on your unique needs and requirements. Our team will also expertly deliver actionable business insights and broader visibility into your Cisco infrastructure environment through regular health checks, while continually evaluating and mitigating risks with your IT assets to ensure optimum operational efficiency.

Complete Lifecycle Management Tailored for Your Business Requirements

DTo further enable you to maximize the return on your Cisco investments, Entisys360 offers a Complete Lifecycle IT Asset Management portal. This cloud-based portal, supported by our white glove Cisco Contract Management Concierge Services Team, can assist your organization with achieving its’ business requirements.

Further, with our people, processes and tools in place, you’ll gain the expertise you need to quickly and easily make changes to your contracts on a weekly, monthly, or even daily basis. This enables you to more fully understand the breadth and depth of the Cisco services and software contracts your organization is committed to. Further, it helps you effectively avoid the risk associated with inaccurate data that can occur when audits are only completed on an annual basis.

Entisys360’s Complete Lifecycle IT Asset Management Solution for Cisco Smart Net includes the following features and capabilities:

  • Dedicated contract management team to assist you with all your business needs
  • Assessment of entire install base to ensure full visibility into all covered & uncovered devices
  • Risk assessment covering the stability of your network and its security
  • Quarterly Health Assessments on your Cisco environment
  • Comprehensive contract consolidation and co-terming management
  • Product, service level and location change management
  • Proactive End of Support/End of Life reporting provided with solution update advisement
  • Ensure Cisco ID access to your contracts

Additional Advanced Services Available:

  • Access to dedicated contract management portal
  • Customized contract maintenance portal and reports based on your business needs
  • MACD’s management
  • RMA tracking and management within customized portal
  • Exceptional robust asset reporting
  • Advanced inventory analytics
  • Optimized location management with custom field functionality
  • Time/date/user record of each asset change request
  • Visibility to security vulnerabilities
  • TAC support integration and case management
  • Asset address normalization
  • Asset sparing tracking and management

Service Packages At-A-Glance (*Fee-based and varies by scope of services provided):

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