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Cloud Strategy and Services

Here at Entisys360, we partner with our customers to develop cloud strategies that will position them for success at every turn. We also help them implement comprehensive plans for achieving their goals and objectives through cloud infrastructure deployments.

At the core of our cloud solution offering is the understanding that not every cloud journey is the same. However, our decades of experience have taught us that there is an effective framework that can be applied that can be modified to just about every use case presented to us.

Our Process

First and foremost, we uncover the motivation behind adopting cloud solutions. In most scenarios there is a compelling event or driving force that not only dictates the timeline but also the approach. For example, if there is a data center contract that is due to expire in six months the approach will look dramatically different than if there were no defined timeline with the motivational factor being to modernize an aging application stack. Alternatively, if the motivation is to build out a DR strategy, the approach will differ considerably as well.

After determining the motivation and timeline, we can then get to the nuts and bolts of cloud adoption. Our approach at Entisys360 is to begin by employing common pillars that help customize the adoption strategies based on the problem the customer is solving for.

Tech Maturity

It is important to understand the level of maturity of the team that will own and operate the cloud environment. The fundamentals stem from concepts like Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), Configuration management, self-service enablement for internal/external customers as well as propensity to automate processes as much as possible. However, there is a great deal more to tech maturity, this just scratches the surface.


The industry will aid in determining the compliance and governance that needs to be taken into account when devising a cloud strategy. This pillar also determines the SLA’s of particular environments and application stacks as they are defined by the business requirements. Generally speaking, Entisys360 will work with you to assess and prioritize your applications into groupings that will define the configuration used to maintain the level of defined SLAs.

Security Posture

Security is something we at Entisys360 take very seriously and it is part of every cloud solutions implementation. Security will dictate how your environment is architected and what security, access, authorization and protection will be employed to deliver solutions that cater to compliance bodies (e.g. HIPAA, SOX, PCI).


Not every organization has accepted DevOps as a standard operating model. Where DevOps comes into play will have varying degrees of applied technology stacks when designing solutions that will appropriately fit the operating model of your organization.

Identity, Authorization & Access Management

This is the “who”, “what” and “why,” i.e. who needs to access what services, and why. This will help define the overall structure of how to integrate with your Identity Provider (IDP) or, it can aid in directing which one to adopt if you haven’t already invested in one.

Success Criteria

How do we know if your cloud adoption was successful? What defines success to your organization?

Our Approach

In alignment with the aforementioned pillars, we approach each opportunity with our customers in similar framework through four phases:


Discover, Assess, Design and Architect

We begin by populating as many data points as possible. Next, we design and architect the cloud adoption to meet success criteria. This phase is sometimes achieved through a collaborative workshop or series of interviews with key stakeholders and the resources who will own the solution upon delivery.


Prototype, Pilot, Proof of Concept

In delivering the solution into a fully working environment, we will either deploy workloads, or create a landing zone that will eventually become a deployment target for applications in the future. The end result will be consensus and acceptance that success criteria have been met.


Promote to Production

Upon approval of the solution as being production grade within the target environment, the promotion to production will essentially be turnkey. Our approach is to deliver all solutions through Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) paradigms to enable quick time-to-delivery and value.


Train and Document

Positioning our customers for success means ensuring they fully understand the intricacies of their solutions. This means having comprehensive documentation as well as the appropriate training needed to successfully manage and operate the environment with efficiency.

Entisys360’s Cloud Services Packages

Architecting hybrid cloud deployments that are flexible, scalable and have the right mix of public and private cloud elements can be challenging, for even the most cloud-savvy organizations. Entisys360 offers several Hybrid Cloud consulting engagement options that are customized to meet a diverse range of business requirements.

Hybrid Cloud Strategy and Consulting

Accepting that cloud isn’t an either/or choice is the driving force behind enterprise hybrid cloud initiatives. Entisys360 hybrid cloud strategy and consulting aims to establish balance for on-premises and off-premises workloads. We’ll help you build flexible, scalable solutions that maximize your TCO and your ROI.

Hybrid Cloud Application Services

Entisys360 can design, execute and support application-centric cloud migrations and optimizations, whether in public or private clouds, or both.

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Services

Entisys360 can help you deliver hybrid cloud infrastructure that empowers your software developers while delivering cost-efficiencies and optimization for your users.

For more information on Automation and Cloud Solutions from Entisys360, contact Cloud@entisys360.com

The Cloud Journey

Entisys360 will help you establish a roadmap to cloud adoption that is tailored to your unique business needs.

Our approach is to provide cloud enablement services that not only get you into the cloud, but also enable your team to migrate and leverage the cloud in a way that helps you realize the long-term benefits of cloud technologies.

Entisys360 will develop a “landing zone” for your cloud(s) of choice. This landing zone is comprised of of cloud architectures based on industry best practices to ensure appropriate security posture and respective, well-architected frameworks and principles.

There are two paths to the cloud:

Lift & Shift. This approach will get you to the cloud quickly, however the premiums of operating a data center mentality in the cloud can be costly.

Optimize for Cloud using Cloud Native technologies. This approach will leverage technologies like containers, serverless computing and other cloud-native services to optimize your workloads for the cloud.

This stage will break down your applications into smaller chunks, which are then optimized for cost within the cloud. Your software will be distributed into the smallest possible components such as microservices to yield better compute-to-price ratios, while also building in resiliency and cheaper operating costs.

Entisys360 will introduce concepts like CI/CD pipelines for cloud deployments that will be leveraged for both software deployments as well as infrastructure deployments through Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC).

Entisys360 will enable your team to operate your cloud like the pros do. Our cloud team will provide methodologies that will build upon self-healing technologies to remove your pain points and simplify cloud operations.

Application environments will be built out with resiliency and distribution that allows for cloud failures to occur while your applications remain fully operational.

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