Entisys360 Healthcare

When it comes to IT, the primary objectives for healthcare organizations include enhancing quality of care; compliance with security and HIPAA regulations; a personalized and high-definition experience for clinicians and physicians no matter where they work; and, reducing costs and streamlining operations.

Because improving quality of patient care is any healthcare organization’s first priority, clinicians and physicians typically drive the technology decision-making and purchasing process, which can lead to many headaches for healthcare IT departments.

As a healthcare IT professional, you have undoubtedly been tasked by your organization with managing a variety of specialized applications, designed to accomplish one or two functional tasks that enhance patient care. These applications typically leverage platforms that are neither compatible nor communicate with each other. The result – a number of siloed applications that are both difficult and costly to manage.

Your driving goals: to contain costs and simplify management of these disparate applications, while maintaining high availability and compliance with security and patient privacy regulations. All this, while also improving the end user experience.

Trends in Healthcare

At Entisys360, we recognize the unique challenges that healthcare IT organizations face, and offer the understanding, capability and trusted relationship you need to address your most important IT initiatives.

Healthcare Top Trends and Key IT Initiatives:

  • Centralization – The convergence of various applications, along with their administration and management functions.
  • Consolidation – Optimizing the performance of available infrastructure—including IT resources that simplify management, drive speed and increase availability.
  • High Density Computing – Consolidating data center infrastructure with high-density technology for greater processing power with a smaller footprint.
  • Virtualization – Strategically removing costs and complexities throughout the computing environment—from the data center all the way to the desktop and the cloud.
  • Cloud Computing – Harnessing the transformative power, performance and cost-efficiency of Internet-based computing.