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Healthcare Solutions

From increased consumerism, cost pressures, security breaches, and an explosion in relevant technologies, today’s healthcare organizations are managing multiple challenges, all while maintaining the top priority of providing high quality care to patients.

Over the past two decades, Entisys360 has developed a strong expertise in the healthcare industry. We understand the unique challenges that you face—the delicate balance between administrative and clinical priorities. We know that you seek partners that make your technology decisions straightforward and with your best interest in mind.

At Entisys360, our goal is to enable our healthcare clients to focus on day-to-day operations and business issues by resolving your technology concerns through leading edge advisory and technical solutions.

Our Healthcare Services

We offer consulting services across all Entisys360 areas of expertise, with specific focus on the following areas for our healthcare clients.

Cyber Risk Services

Our Advyz Cyber Risk Services team has its roots and continues to focus on healthcare. We understand security programs need to enhance, not hinder the patient experience.

Telemedicine and Virtual Care

We offer end-to-end virtual health consulting services for healthcare providers at any stage of their virtual health journey.

Remote Workforce and Collaboration

Our award-winning end user computing and core infrastructure teams successfully align user experience against business needs when creating virtual work environments.

Healthcare Data Storage

We design storage solutions that are cost effective, and facilitate secure and reliable access to support the diverse data types and needs of our healthcare clients.

Automation and Cloud

Our cloud & automation professionals leverage DevOps principles and SRE methodology to eliminate constraints, establish resiliency and maintain high availability through automation and cloud technologies ensuring continuous operations of infrastructure, solutions, and services.

New Healthcare Group Purchasing Agreements

We are pleased to announce that Entisys360 is now a preferred supplier with Premier Inc. and Conductiv, two group purchasing organizations serving healthcare clients.


Learn more on how Entisys360 solves its healthcare customers’ technology challenges.

Security Consulting for Healthcare

Automating Maintenance of a Medical Device

Automating Time Intensive Clinician Compliance Requirement

Enabling Collaboration Among a Fully Remote Workforce

Guiding a Hospital Through a Complex Microsoft Licensing Renewal Process

Rapid Mobile Workforce Set-Up Using Virtual Desktops

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Learn more about how Entisys360 can address your healthcare technology needs through our leading edge advisory and technical solutions. To speak with an Entisys360 healthcare IT services consultant, contact us at healthcare@entisys360.com, or complete this form.

Our Expertise

Security and Cyber Risk Services

Creating a strategy for managing risk and compliance, while helping to filter the noise of myriad cybersecurity technologies.

Automation and Cloud

Accelerating IT service delivery for our clients through the adoption of agile methodologies that are all part of a systems-oriented approach.

End User Computing

Helping businesses keep infrastructure uptodate, minimizing security risks, and maintaining compliance

Software Defined Data Center

Empowering your enterprise to achieve its full potentialand greatest efficiencyby keeping IT infrastructure operational, available and secure.

Core Infrastructure Services

Offering design, implementation, licensing optimization, and environmental services to ensure the use of Microsoft’s best practices and configurations.

Microsoft Expertise

Helping set goals and establishing benchmarks for the journey toward the successful deployment of Microsoft solutions.

Our Services


Enjoy a stressfree implementation that comes through the knowledge and experience of our professional services team.

Managed Services

Align your business initiatives with evolving industry trends to obtain a clear understanding of the impact of future technologies.

Cloud Strategy
and Services

Meeting a diverse range of business requirements through deployments that are flexible, scalable, and have the right mix of elements.


Never miss another maintenance or warranty contract renewal date or pay for unused maintenance contracts or warranties.


Through this service, our project management team takes the lead role in planning, executing, monitoring and closing projects.

Our Markets and Market Support Vehicles


Professional services and nationallyrecognized expertise that align perfectly with the trends and challenges facing a variety of industries.


Recognizing the unique challenges faced by healthcare IT organizations, and offering understanding, capabilities, and trusted relationships.

Public Sector

Helping organizations contain costs maintain high availability while finding new ways to increase security, compliance and more.

Group Purchasing

Industryleading IT consulting services and technology solutionsaccessed through a streamlined contracting process.



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