Business Solutions

Regardless of which IT initiatives are top priorities for your organization, or the markets you serve, Entisys360 can help evaluate your specific business requirements, operational needs and financial criteria and determine the right mix of vendors and technology solutions that can be leveraged to promote your long-term success. Our solutions, professional services and nationally-recognized expertise align perfectly with the trends and challenges facing a variety of industries including:

  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Law
  • Public Sector
  • Technology
  • Transportation

Decades of first-hand experience in C-level technology positions, something that is virtually unsurpassed in our industry, provides us with insight into specific IT strategies, policies and processes that are unique to these industries. As a result, we can help you articulate justifications for the business user case of your planned IT investments, which adds tremendous value for today’s overburdened IT organizations.

Next, we don’t sell pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all solutions—whether the right solution comes from Citrix, Microsoft, HPE, VMware, NetApp, Cisco—or is a combined solution leveraging a whole host of offerings from our ecosystem partners. Our vendor-agnostic approach means meeting your business requirements in the most effective way possible is our top priority.

Datacenter Infrastructure

Traditionally, running a datacenter meant having many standalone servers that performed dedicated functions for individual applications. A virtualized datacenter helps consolidate resources, simplify management and reduce hardware acquisition costs—all while providing a better architecture for availability, security and performance.

Application Delivery Virtualization

At Entisys360, we’ve got decades of proven results under our belt, including specialized certification with today’s leading application delivery technologies (Citrix, Microsoft and VMware). We have virtualized our own applications and desktops for over a decade, which is proof in and of itself. We know the pros and cons of every desktop deliver method. Therefore, we can help define your organization’s specific needs and steer you toward the optimal solution.

By centralizing the control of applications, this technology can turn your servers into a secure access point for client-server applications, physical/virtual desktops, files and intranets—delivering on-demand access to users any time, anywhere. By recommending this approach, our experts can help your organization:

  • Enhance data security and manageability
  • Reduce costs
  • Speed virtual desktop deployments
  • Significantly boost performance
  • Reduce downtime


VDI allows client desktop workloads (e.g., operating system, application, user data) to be hosted and executed on servers in the data center. Thus, it improves flexibility by enhancing work scenarios, such as work-from-home and hot-desking. It also facilitates improved business continuity through data centralization.

Advanced Infrastructure

The key to success lies in an organization’s advanced infrastructure—a combination of behind-the-scenes hardware and software resources that enable all internal and external IT components and virtualization technologies to work together seamlessly and effectively. Getting the advanced infrastructure right is a tall order, but not an impossible one.

At Entisys360, we have the expertise that can help your organization optimize its advanced server and network infrastructure and get the results it seeks. As a managed Gold Partner for Microsoft, Platinum Partner for Citrix and Premier Enterprise Partner for VMware, we have decades of first-hand experience, knowledge and services strength on all of today’s leading platforms. We have nationally recognized expertise in virtualization consultation, application and deployment – all facets of a track record that’s hard to match.

Whether your advanced infrastructure includes solutions from Microsoft, Citrix or VMware – or a combination of all three – our holistic, vendor-agnostic approach means that we optimize success for your specific solution. At Entisys360, your efficiency is always our number one goal.

Disaster Recovery

Downtime is more than an inconvenience: it can literally bring business to a halt. Interruptions caused by hardware and software failures, personal illness, natural disasters—even planned maintenance—can overwhelm your IT department, damage your corporate reputation and cause serious damage through the loss of critical information and revenue.

Virtualization can be a game changer—and a key component in your business continuity planning. By compartmentalizing workloads, you can prevent one application from affecting the performance of another or causing a system to crash. It also allows you to maintain an instant failover plan that provides business continuity throughout disruptive events—reducing downtime from days to hours or even minutes.

With virtualization, your organization can:

  • Create a more efficiently managed server infrastructure
  • Reduce the impact of disruptive events
  • Simplify disaster and recovery planning
  • Provide more complete high availability
  • Enable more cost-effective disaster recovery
  • Create autonomy within a redundant infrastructure
  • Decrease the costs associated with backing up servers
  • Reduce the data center footprint by eliminating idle servers formerly dedicated to backup and recovery
  • Improve and simplify your recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs)

Every business continuity plan begins with a reliable means of protecting business data. Adding virtualization to your plan can dramatically increase flexibility, reduce complexity and lower your long-term costs.