Kelly Chinen
Director of Operations

Entisys360 is officially launching Enterprise Managed Services (EMS). Designed to help Entisys360 clients optimize and ensure the operational health of their virtualized and cloud-based infrastructures, the new EMS offering encompasses enterprise-ready and customized technology management services including reactive end user and IT infrastructure support available on a 24x7x365 basis; proactive infrastructure maintenance and monitoring services; and technology lifecycle management.

We sat down with Kelly Chinen, Entisys360’s Director of Operations to learn more about the new EMS Services.

Q: Let’s begin the conversation by asking how Entisys360 defines Enterprise Managed Services and how this new offering fits within the context of Entisys360’s “Cloud First” strategy.

Today’s IT organizations often struggle when it comes to maintaining the maximum value of their IT investments, including those they have made in cloud and virtualization technologies, while at the same time allowing their team members to focus on initiatives that add strategic value to the business. Enterprise Managed Services from Entisys360 alleviates this pain point by providing organizations with 24x7x365 support and maintenance services for any virtualization or cloud-based infrastructure environment.

The development of Entisys360’s Enterprise Managed Services offerings is part of our “Cloud First” strategy, which is defined by Entisys360’s commitment to remain at the forefront of technology innovation, and stay one step ahead of our clients by meeting tomorrow’s business needs, today. Our Enterprise Management Services does this by helping our clients increase the long-term return on investment they have made in their virtualization and cloud infrastructures.

Through Enterprise Managed Services, Entisys360 is also able to help clients align business initiatives with evolving industry trends and obtain a clear understanding of the impact that future technologies will have on the business value of IT.

Q: Why should IT organizations tap into Entisys360’s Enterprise Managed Services?

In our research, we found that many organizations who outsource the support and maintenance of their IT operations experience inconsistencies related to high personnel turnover rates, a lack of the right experience and a one-size-fits-all approach that is not customizable to meet their unique business requirements.

As a trusted advisor in the deployment of advanced infrastructure, virtualization and cloud solutions, Entisys360 brings to the table a proven track record built on decades of virtualization and now cloud computing expertise. Our talented team members are committed to expertly managing all of the maintenance and support aspects of our clients’ IT investments through a customized and collaborative approach that is built on developing personal relationships, and is tailored to meet the client’s unique requirement while driving better results. Additionally, we are proud of our high retention rate – some of our employees have been with Entisys360 since the company was founded in 1988.

Entisys360’s broad expertise and collective team member knowledge extends across our entire organization to provide clients with access to a wide range of skillsets and elevated vendor support resources that can only come from holding the following distinctions:

  • Citrix Platinum Partner
  • Cisco Premier Partner
  • VMware Premier Partner
  • NetApp Platinum Partner
  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • HPE Elite Partner

Additionally, Entisys360 is capable of scaling the Enterprise Managed Services it offers to our clients through a qualified resource recruiting network, and we have the flexibility needed to expand and customize the scope of our maintenance and support services to address additional requirements and IT disciplines that align with our core areas of expertise including data center, storage, server and network infrastructure, and systems management.

Q: What are the core elements of Entisys360’s Enterprise Managed Services?

Enterprise Managed Services from Entisys360 include three areas:

Reactive End User and IT Infrastructure Support. Available on a 24x7x365 basis, this includes monitoring and alerting; Tier 2 and Tier 3 incident management; root cause analysis; knowledge base content creation; Tier 1 team enablement; defined reporting; service quality validation; and continuous Improvement.

Proactive Infrastructure Maintenance and Optimization. Features of this service include infrastructure software updates; infrastructure hardware updates; infrastructure capacity planning; health checks; minor software version upgrades; defined reporting; and, continuous improvement.

Technology Lifecycle Management. As part of this service, clients benefit from strategic IT business alignment; short- and long-term architecture collaboration; major software version upgrades; defined reporting; continuous improvement; and, project-based changes.

Q: What can clients expect when they sign up for Entisys360’s Enterprise Managed Services? Is there a standard engagement process?

One of the benefits of leveraging Entisys360’s Enterprise Management Services is our ability to onboard our clients quickly and shorten time to market.

Each Enterprise Managed Services Engagement begins with an initial meeting to review the client’s goals and objectives. This is followed by a discovery phase in which Entisys360’s expert team identifies what is working and what is not working in the maintenance and support of the client’s IT environment. Next, Entisys360 designs a customized solution and presents that to the client. Upon acceptance of the design, Entisys360 will enter the onboarding phase followed by production go-live.

Q: How do you determine if a client qualifies for Entisys360’s Enterprise Management Services?

Some of the qualifying questions we typically ask when we meet with our clients as part of the initial briefing include:

  • Does your organization require support for a 1000+ user virtual desktop deployment?
  • Is your organization interested in enabling IT staff to focus on business driven high-value tasks by offloading the support and maintenance of your virtual desktop infrastructure?
  • Does your organization have sufficient Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) employee capacity to provide both the ongoing support of your virtual desktop environment and new business-driven IT initiatives?
  • Is your organization satisfied with its current virtual desktop support model?
  • Is your organization interested in partnering with a US-based virtual desktop support team with a proven track record of supporting and managing large enterprise virtual desktop production environments?
  • Does support for your organization’s virtual desktop environment require customized integration with existing enterprise tools within your infrastructure (ITSM, patch management, monitoring/alerting, etc.)?  

Based on how the client responds to these questions, we can determine if Entisys360’s Enterprise Management Services is a suitable solution to address their needs.

Q: How can an IT organization learn more about Entisys360’s Enterprise Management Services?

Entisys360 is committed to helping our clients maintain the maximum value of their virtualization and cloud investment, and to freeing up their team members to focus on more strategic business initiatives. Organizations looking to achieve these objectives can contact Entisys360 directly at or they can also visit our website at for more information on our services.