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Entisys360 Workspace Cloud: Delivering on ‘Cloud First’ Business Priorities

Today’s mobile workforce wants access to their workspaces, desktops, applications and data from any device, on any network, and located anywhere in the world. As a result, IT organizations of all sizes are restructuring their facilities to adapt to increasing mobility. However, they still often struggle to provide premium services to their end-users while “keeping the lights on,” which means making sure infrastructure is up-to-date, security risks are minimized, and compliance is maintained.

Some of the other challenges IT organizations face include:

  • Addressing workforce mobility can be difficult to budget, justify and plan due to varying CAPEX and OPEX costs;
  • Coping with the rigidity of traditional infrastructure and virtualizations solutions when it comes to scalability and addressing consumption;
  • Having the skills required to manage infrastructure and virtualization solutions create additional burden on existing teams;
  • Ensuring consistency, performance, and reliability for end user experience is crucial for adoption and growth; and,
  • Taking into account additional cost factors when considering datacenter availability, business continuity and disaster recovery.

Today’s mobile workforce wants access to their desktops, applications, and data from any device, on any network, located anywhere in the world, which in turn is driving IT organizations to restructure their operations to adapt to evolving end-user requirements. Entisys360 Workspace Cloud is one of several offerings that address these challenges and provide our clients with all of the functionality they need to make mobility, application and desktop virtualization a likeable, lovable experience.

Mike Strohl - CEO, Entisys360

Cloud First Strategy

Entisys360 Workspace Cloud an integral component of our “Cloud First” strategy, which is defined by our commitment to remain at the forefront of technology innovation, and stay one step ahead of our clients by meeting tomorrow’s business needs, today. And, as a “Cloud First” company, we understand the significant benefit of a digital workspace environment and its ability to provide a framework for cloud services and address many of the challenges faced by today’s IT organizations.

Through Entisys360 Workspace Cloud, our clients can embrace their digital workspaces in a way that drives workforce productivity by providing their end-users with always-on, anytime access to applications, desktops, and mobility via any device, from anywhere in the world. At the same time, the offering shifts responsibility for routine and mundane IT tasks away from the IT organization so that it can focus on higher-value IT initiatives.

Available as a private or public cloud subscription-based service model, Entisys360 Workspace Cloud leverages core Citrix technologies hosted entirely by Entisys360, to deliver a complete and reliable user experience, enable on-demand scalability that addresses unpredictable changes in the business and consumption patterns and support migration of on-premises apps to the cloud, all while minimizing the pain typically associated with updating antiquated virtual infrastructure technologies.

With Entisys360 Workspace Cloud, there is no need to invest in new on-premises infrastructure to support this model. Entisys360 shifts the burden from CAPEX costs to the more predictable OPEX costs, while at the same time helping our clients develop strategies for migrating away from existing CAPEX infrastructure and toward a “Cloud First” mindset.

What Makes Entisys360’s Workspace Cloud Offering Different?

  1. We help our clients embrace desktop transformation through a digital workspace that empowers and drives workforce productivity by providing their end-users with always-on, anytime access to applications, desktops, and mobility via any device, from anywhere in the world.
  2. We believe that digital workspaces should function in a way that maximizes uptime, promotes optimal productivity, and performs in accordance with our clients’ business requirements. The result is an immediate time-to-value for our clients.
  3. Once an IT organization is onboard, new digital workspaces can be quickly provisioned with the simple click of a button. This results in an immediate time to value for the client, and IT organizations no longer have to worry about high availability, scalability or maintaining software updates.
  4. Entisys360 Workspace Cloud is neither a VDI nor Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution, but rather a fully-functioning digital workspace environment that enables IT organizations to embrace public, private, and hybrid cloud-based infrastructures.
  5. We leverage core Citrix technologies, hosted entirely by Entisys360, to deliver a complete and reliable user experience available in the form of a fully-integrated digital workspace.
  6. We have built a customizable enterprise workflow automation solution with a user self-service portal that provides greater speed for IT organizations to rapidly deliver services to end-users.

Workspace Cloud: Key Components

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