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About Digital Transformation

Why is Digital Transformation important for IT organizations?

The disruptive nature of digital transformation is reshaping industries all around us. Think about the way Airbnb has changed the way we book hotel rooms, how Uber has altered the way that we hail a taxi service, or how Netflix is transforming the way we consume television. All of these disruptive market entrants revolutionized their industries and ultimately provided better products and services for the customer.

For Entisys360 clients, digital transformation is about providing a better experience for their customers, while at the same time fulfilling a dream long-held by many organizations for making IT a competitive differentiator.

How do the services offered through the Digital Transformation Practice differ from Entisys360’s core offerings?

Digital transformation projects are typically more far-reaching than what Entisys360 provides our clients through our traditional core offerings, meaning that they touch more parts of the client organization.  As a result, one of the phases of our digital transformation methodology focuses on project goal alignment across all stakeholders from multiple business units and departments. Not only is it important for them to all agree on the goals of the project, but they must all understand each other’s role in the project and how the project affects each department.

Furthermore, unlike traditional IT infrastructure projects, digital transformation solutions change the way a business does things versus just changing the thing they use to do it.  The ability to easily change based on the needs of the business is also a key feature in most digital technologies available today.