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Digital Transformation

Entisys360’s Digital Transformation Practice encompasses three areas: DevOps, IT-as-a- Service (ITaaS) and Big Data/Analytics.

DevOps—which can generally be defined as the collaboration of development and operations teams throughout the software lifecycle—is a very broad are that requires multiple solutions and areas of expertise. Some of the disciplines that comprise Entisys360’s DevOps offerings within the Digital Transformation Practice include:

  • Micro-experimentation
  • SDLC optimization
  • QA automation
  • Microservices design
  • Code refactoring

The development of Entisys360’s Digital Transformation Practice came as a result of numerous conversations and interactions with our clients. Through these interactions, we have learned that many of them are looking for ways to better align their technology initiatives with their business goals, but often struggle to determine the best approach. To address this need, our Digital Transformation Practice provides our clients with the guidance they need to select and integrate best-of-breed digital technologies within their businesses.

Matt General, CTO - Entisys360

ITaaS is typically a prerequisite to a successful DevOps initiative. ITaaS focuses on the ability of IT operations to deliver specific services to the business in a methodical, predictable and efficient manner. Within this discipline, Entisys360’s Digital Transformation Practice focuses primarily on the following:

  • Cloud design and patterns
  • Service delivery
  • Application blueprinting
  • Cloud consumption models
  • Hybrid cloud architecture
  • IT automation
  • Cloud security models

Big data is a term commonly used to describe the ability to capture, store, format, manipulate and analyze large amounts of data that are so massive they exceed the capability of traditional data processing systems. Entisys360’s big data offerings within its Digital Transformation Practice are:

  • Modern data lake architectures
  • Digital business platforms
  • Enterprise data strategy
  • Real time decision making

Entisys360 is committed to helping our clients maintain the maximum value of their virtualization and cloud investment, and to freeing up their team members to focus on more strategic business initiatives. Organizations looking to achieve these objectives can contact Entisys360 directly at

Entisys360 – Digital Transformation (PDF)