Desktop-in-the-Cloud from Entisys360

As part of our ongoing efforts to drive the adoption of innovative public, private and hybrid cloud solutions within our clients’ IT enterprise environments, Entisys360 is proud to offer the Entisys360 Desktop-in-the-Cloud platform.

Built on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud and leveraging a Citrix core architecture to deliver applications and desktops, the Entisys360 Desktop-in-the-Cloud makes it easy for enterprises to build, manage and deliver a complete virtual desktop anywhere, anytime and on almost any device.

With the Entisys360 Desktop-in-the-Cloud, enterprises benefit from:

  • Ease of management: IT departments save time and resources because they no longer have to physically manage desktops and end-user devices.
  • Security: Security standards and protocols, regulatory compliance, information governance and business continuity and disaster recovery are all managed from a central location versus multiple end-user devices.
  • Reliability and availability: The organization’s data is replicated at more than one AWS data center to provide redundancy and ensure no single point of failure in the event of an outage.
  • Simple and customizable: IT organizations can tailor the desktop to meet the needs of the entire company, a department or division, or even an individual employee by picking and choosing from a whole host of software applications available.
  • Work anywhere, anytime: Users with Internet access can logon to their desktop from any device, including smartphones, tablets, a laptop or desktop computer, and from virtually anywhere simply by plugging in their Entisys360 Desktop-in-the-Cloud URL into their web browser.

Some of the key features available through the Entisys360 Desktop-in-the-Cloud include:

  • Quick and easy on-boarding and off-boarding procedures that allow administrators to quickly add or remove access to applications when users take on new responsibilities, change departments or leave the company
  • Role-based access to desktops and application, which can help mitigate security risks associated with unauthorized access
  • Instant-on capabilities that enable clients to start using the platform immediately whether they have a single desktop or a network of thousands of desktops
  • Built-in scalability to add or remove users as the organization’s needs evolve

For more information, or a live demonstration of the Entisys360 Desktop-in-the-Cloud solution, please contact Entisys360 at