Managed & Hosted Services

We know that today’s enterprises face many challenges, not the least of which is coping with a rapidly evolving IT landscape. As such, we are focused on keeping your IT infrastructure operational, available and secure, so that you can focus on the everyday demands of growing your business, managing costs and increasing revenues.

Through Entisys360’s Managed & Hosted Services offering, we can help your enterprise realize the productivity gains and ROI that you have been expecting from your IT infrastructure all along. By maximizing the benefits of technology, daily, weekly and monthly IT tasks can be automated and scheduled, to ensure that all tasks are completed and reported consistently, and without fail. As tasks run, valuable data is gathered to spot trends and patterns that can be used to plan system changes or enhancements, reducing or eliminating any impact on the business, and resulting in predictable costs.

Key benefits of Managed & Hosted Services from Entisys360 include:

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Consistency
  • Productivity Gains
  • Cost Management and Control
  • Performance
  • Managed Expansion and Growth