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Data storage is the number-one line item in most IT budgets. Yet many are buying at least 25% more storage than needed – undermining efforts to optimize IT efficiency.

NetApp data storage solutions focus on the key areas that are critical to achieving maximum efficiency in your IT environment:

  • Utilization
  • Power, space, and cooling
  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Capacity optimization
  • Management
  • ROI

By focusing on these critical areas when building an efficient storage foundation, you can drive more value from all of your IT investments and reinvest those savings in more strategic projects. Even small, incremental changes can drive big savings.

NetApp Blog Articles

Are Docker Containers Right for Your Enterprise Applications?

Containers continue to occupy an ever-increasing portion of our collective consciousness. Many advocates extoll their benefits while breathlessly pushing to have everything built and deployed in a container. However, while containers do offer myriad benefits, they aren’t a tool which should be blindly adopted.

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How to Streamline Disaster Recovery Testing to Reduce Application Downtime

Disaster recovery (DR) planning was once considered a luxury, available only to companies with huge budgets. That is no longer the case. Today, a DR plan is considered a must-have by all organizations. Yet simply having a DR plan isn’t enough. You must test the plan to make sure it works, and testing can lead to application downtime, which disrupts operations. This post covers a few tactics for streamlining the DR testing process so that your recovery plan is strong and doesn’t interrupt the flow of business.

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Three Things That Will Make Your All-Flash VDI Deployment a Success

NetApp recently designed and deployed a roughly 10,000-seat All Flash FAS FlexPod for its engineering virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). The goal was to provide all of NetApp’s developers across the globe with virtual desktops to improve productivity and user experience, among other things.

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Has Flash Storage Reached Its Tipping Point?

In his best-selling book, The Tipping Point, author Malcolm Gladwell describes how hot trends are adopted more quickly than anyone would rationally expect. By mapping how viruses spread, he describes the rapid adoption of powerful new ideas, products, and norms when conditions are right—aka at the tipping point. With adoption rates over 100 percent, flash technology has reached this tipping point. Here’s a look at what makes it the latest hot trend in technology.

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