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Interoperability is Table Stakes

Our approach to interoperability is simple: every endpoint that Cisco makes will be able to connect with any other standards-based endpoint from any other vendor – hard or soft. Full stop. And yes, this also includes the ability to share and receive content as part of the discussion. Some continue to ask, what about Skype for Business? While many say Microsoft is not truly standards-based, to us, it is just another endpoint.

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Designing Security and Trust into the Cloud

Cloud computing has reached a tipping point as many organizations have either adopted, or are planning to adopt, some form of cloud computing technology – whether IT knows and manages it or not. “Speed to capability” is one of the primary reasons that individuals, business units and departments are using cloud technology and service providers with increasing frequency. Yet, despite the rapidly increasing use of cloud services, many IT executives remain hesitant to endorse a “cloud-first” approach.

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Data Center:
Hybrid IT: It’s a Strategy Not Something You Build

What do you think when you hear Hybrid IT? Does your mind go to a 3rd kind of not quite private, not quite public cloud that your team needs to build?

Fear not. Hybrid IT is not another type of cloud but rather a strategy for your organization to quickly and cost-effectively deploy technology across multiple platforms. It is a service delivery strategy that places the right workload into the right environment based on business need. That need could be speed of deployment, performance, cost, or security.

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Enterprise Networks:
The Future OS: Pushing Boundaries on Networking

The networking industry has always been about producing products and solutions that revolutionize distributed computing. The ability of routing protocols to disseminate information effectively at a dramatic scale and with tremendous resilience is the foundation on which the Internet runs. The natural counterpart to this is the functionality of being able to sling packets at astounding scale in software and in hardware. Network-level resilience to faults is considered table stakes today. These characteristics and abilities are aspects that Cisco has been front-and-center in making possible.

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